l_ah_font_a (l_ah_font_a) wrote,

Drunken Lyrics- By harmani and Jenna

5 in the bucket,
the kids moan "fuck-it"
immatate the soul-sista's
and keep on Truck'n it.

Dear Gal,
I tripped on the garbage pale
Now i'm creeping through the trail,
the monkey's have a spider's tail,
twisting double,
they start popping bubbles,
but have nice time my fair female.

said i'm tryin' for 8,
but the men held me straight,
keep up, i'll sure not be late.
acid's the key,
for pure company,
but it won't set me free.
From the burdens that grate,
into small shreds,
like fibers of beds,
that fly when you hop,
when the passion can't stop,
and disperse through the air,
so quick to compare.

Oh no its kickin' in,
In see a pink elephant,
Rhinocerous with dolphins
Takin' a step back
I realize it ain't right,
So i'll drink my coco cola,
and sleep on it tonight.

God DAMN! Is what i said,
when this shit keeps on runnin',
through my muthafuckin' head.
I see this girl with short shorts,
but no that bitch turned into the tortise.
So i take her by the hair,
I'll slap that shit everywhere.
She scream wit desire,
Light dat bih's hair on fire!!!!
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