l_ah_font_a (l_ah_font_a) wrote,

I fucking know myself better than this.

is it really you just not caring?

because i can read you like a book... and no matter how much you try to act like none of this bothers you... and you dont care...

there is still something there... i wish i knew the key to rip it right out of its hiding place.

I wish i knew what words could be spoken, or what steps might be taken.

I wish i could get into that intimate level... i used to be there... and one day it was just gone...

all of the signals tell me there is nothing there... every word you say... every time you look my way... i should know that it's just gone... i should accept things for the way they are. I need to let go and not speak to you... this is what they say... this what they all know...

but how can i deny my heart? Really, what i'm doing... is sentencing it to hard time. No sunshine, no grass, no beauty, no love... just a cold dark room... dripping with filth, and sorrow, and pain....

my heart really hasn't lied to me... i just fucking know... and i know why you are fighting it so hard... i know why you aren't being truthful to me... and i know why you fill your body with chemicals.

what i do not know, is how to get you to stop.

dammit, just let me take care of you... you dense bastard.
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