l_ah_font_a (l_ah_font_a) wrote,

It's very strange.

Coincidentally I was frustrated with myspace and got the sudden urge to come on here. I'd completely forgotten about the last thing I wrote here.

It's a weird circumstance because I wrote that at the beginning of a relationship and we've been split up for about a month now. I actually just came back from his place, and we're kind of still flirty with each other, but i'm not sure how I feel about it.

Funny thing is, I barely remembered the last entry at all untill I read it all the way, and realized who I was talking about...

I'm so torn and my life is so crazy right now. I find more and more meaning in things, in life, every day. All in all I am happy and even though I don't have as much money saved up as I'd hoped by now, I'm not worried because I just know everything is going to be ok. For once I feel like I'm living the life I want, and that I am completely in control.

Life is crazy.

P.s. can anyone help me change my lay out? I am Livejournal illiterate since I haven't tried to update it in eons.
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