l_ah_font_a (l_ah_font_a) wrote,

Today, tomorrow, but hopefully not forever... you're the one i love.

Well, i really need to stop hanging out with people so much, stop procrastinating, and start focusing more time on school. It's very numbing to work a professional job, and keep your mindset focused for school at the same time without going crazy. I like kicking back way to much, because i am needy, no because i crave attention, but because i love my friends, and i love making Dinner with Jess and Jerilee, and making dinner with them pretty much every night... It's hard to cut back on something that you love so much, especially when you really need that since you'd otherwise be miserable thinking about your broken heart without it. I need to stop dedicating so much of my personal time to thinking of you.

All day i've had this muscle twitch in my left eye ball and for months now i've had seen this tiny spark at the bottom of my vision in my left eye, it happens randomly, but i'm used to it now. I've heard before that a spark might mean the retina detaching, but i don't think that it would have lasted this long if it was that... but it may be a nerve problem. I hope that it does not have anything to do with the surgery i had on my eyes when i was younger... i still have scars on my eyes because of it, that you can actually see when i look to the side.

Well maybe i'm overreacting like i always do... but i'm hoping its nothing serious.
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